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Looking for a change of career, a satisfying and meaningful second income stream, professional training to add to your existing skills, or simply personal development taught by experienced therapists?  Whatever the reason, more people than ever before are looking at complementary therapies such as Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP & Stress Management as a way forward.

We run fully accredited hypnotherapy training throughout the U.K. including: Sheffield, Chesterfield, Milton Keynes depending on demand. Our course intake is normally September/October and sometimes also in March/April.

In addition we offer a range of competitively priced CPD, both 'live' and distant learning; details are available here.



All our students, whether trainee or graduate, once they have completed a minimum of FIVE DAYS training with us, will qualify for a LIFETIME DISCOUNT of 15%. We also offer discounts, from time to time, to members of major hypnotherapy organisations.


Group Bookings

Group Bookings of 3 or more qualify for additional discounts – please contact us for details.


Our graduates

A high percentage of our students are now working as a hypnotherapist/psychotherapist, either full or part time. Although income varies considerably, most therapists charge between £50 and £100 per hour. Advice on practice management, including the setting up of your own business, will be given in the course.


How do I qualify?

In accordance with National Occupational Standard guidelines, our course runs for eight weekends, giving you 120 hours of supervised practice and theoretical teaching. In addition, you are expected to study for at least 450 hours, which means that most students spend around 7 hours per week on research, practise and homework. You can find a suggested reading list on our website.


We do NOT set an exam, we set appropriate homework each month, based on that weekends training, the course manual, relevant reading and sometimes a little research. In addition, you will begin the process of compiling a PORTFOLIO for submission to the NCH/NCFE in order to gain for externally validated award.


You will receive guidance and help with preparing your portfolio for submission.  For more information about the HPD please click here.


Can anyone train to be a hypnotherapist/psychotherapist?

There are NO criteria for studying and qualifying in hypnotherapy. We do not insist on a previous qualification in psychology, for example, although many psychologists have studied with us. We may invite you for a personal interview. HOWEVER, you are very welcome to interview us, whatever your background!

Simply call us on 01246 416544 and we will arrange a mutually convenient time. You are also welcome to call in to any of our training courses, with prior arrangement with the trainers, to watch us at work and meet our students.

We will ask you for two references and a short CV. You are also asked to provide medical/psychological information. This is, of course, totally confidential.

The most important qualities for a career in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy are bags of empathy and a genuine interest in people. Those students attending the training purely for self-development are always welcome to attend the course without submission of a portfolio, or even any homework. In this case you will be issued with a certificate of course completion.

Incidentally, anyone who is unable to complete the homework, or the HPD, for other reasons (whether personal or otherwise) is welcome to forward their homework at a later date for certification. You do NOT need to complete your portfolio by the end of the course, although many students choose to do this!

As well as the Diploma course and CPDs, we also offer Fast Track courses for suitably qualified delegates. 



The Academy of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis Ltd is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Balens Limited, 2 Nimrod House, Sandy's Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 1JJ, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

By joining Balen's insurance scheme you will qualify for the ACMHL block discount.



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The course qualifies you in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Stress Management, NLP and Coaching in just EIGHT WEEKENDS!

This part time, vocational course combines lectures, group exercises, demonstrations and lots of practical work. We operate with small classes and, with two full time trainers; we ensure you receive individual tuition in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Our hypnotherapy training school, run by full-time, successful hypnotherapists, offers you FOUR awards: Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy, Diploma in NLP, Certificate in Stress Management and the externally validated Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma.

Our awards are recognised and independently accredited by:

The Hypnotherapy Association

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

The National Council for Hypnotherapy

The National Council for Psychotherapy

In addition we offer, at no extra cost, the externally accredited Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma-HPD. This gold standard qualification is awarded jointly by the NCFE and the NCH.

For those of you looking for an eclectic course, offering training in cognitive and analytical hypnotherapy  (hypno-analysis), Ericksonian hypnosis, therapeutic NLP, Stress Management, and medical hypnosis, this programme is for you!  Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds. Many students attend our courses hoping to add to existing skills, such as counselling, psychology, alternative therapies and nursing, some may be looking for a career change whilst others simply wish to complete the course as a means of self-development. 

You will be issued with:

An extensive course manual, provided electronically that forms a useful on-line resource of almost 500 pages

Electronic module handouts with additional, up-to-date theoretical information and powerpoint notes are sent to you by e-mail

A collection of scripts suitable for most conditions, to help new students practice their delivery is issued on receipt of your first payment. This amounts to 131 pages and is included in the course costs.

Access to monthly supervision groups and supervised practice groups (charged separately)

Details of how to join psychotherapy, Stress Management and hypnotherapy training organisations, first as a student and, on graduation, as a fully qualified & accredited hypnotherapist

FOUR qualifications on graduating: The HPD (Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma), Dip.H (Diploma in Hypnotherapy), Dip.Psych (Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy),  Dip. NLP (Diploma in NLP) and Cert.SM (Certificate in Stress Management).

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