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Following the Prime Minister’s update to the lockdown considerations in England on 11th May 2020, we have been considering whether as hypnotherapists we should return to direct face to face client work and the issues regarding training. 

We have been examining the Government guidelines:

The fact is we cannot maintain social distancing if conducting face to face training in the classroom. We will be following the government guidelines closely over these following weeks and we hope our training course will commence as planned but we are sadly unable to confirm dates. It may be that a change of date is required so please do not pre-book accommodation at this early stage and do check with us if unsure.

Our CPD Training will gradually move to online availability. We now have a Masterclass in Working with Children available here and our Diploma in working with IBS will be available shortly.

Whilst there appears nothing to state direct face to face therapy sessions cannot recommence, there are a number of factors which may make it less possible.

First, it is questionable whether the following principle under Social Distancing may apply:

Where face-to-face contact is essential, this should be kept to 15 minutes or less wherever possible

Our sessions last longer than 15 minutes and we are able to conduct this work successfully by remote means. 

Secondly, until clarified, we as hypnotherapists may be considered to fall into a category as ‘care’ providers: we also talk about ourselves working within ‘clinics’. In this case we may be obliged to follow guidance on mask wearing:

There is very little evidence of widespread benefit from the use of face masks outside of the clinical or care settings, where they play a very important role.

Thirdly, some insurers have told hypnotherapists they would not be covered if they passed on Covid-19 to their clients. So it is essential to have a clear understanding what our insurance covers and work within their guidelines. 

Strictly the guidance makes conducting hypnotherapy ‘business as usual’ virtually impossible. Failure to adhere renders the hypnotherapist potentially criminally liable and at risk of uninsured professional negligence claims from clients (if Covid-19 is contracted and traced back). The risk to the therapist is also significant and should not be minimised.

Be aware different rules govern different parts of the country, so you need to check the law according to whether your practice is in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. The latter three devolved governments have made no relevant changes to the initial lockdown instruction of 23rd March 2020. 

We are not able to interpret or advise on the law but have to emphasise that we follow the Government guidance along with changes and clarification as they emerge. 

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Keep safe and well!

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