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All our trainers are practising hypnotherapists, so we understand what really matters.

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A unique opportunity to join the helping professions


Our 2024 course will allow you to invest in a part- or full-time career that will qualify you in Clinical and Medical Hypnosis, Psychotherapy (including CBT), Stress and Wellness, NLP and Coaching and including an updated and popular course in treating IBS.

Carole Wan and Alan Cooper both work as full-time therapists, with combined years’ experience of over 45 years! The Academy of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis has trained throughout the UK for almost 20 years. Some of the cutting edge and proven techniques that you will learn on our course include:


  •  Systematic Desensitisation 
  • Thought Stopping 
  • Ego Strengthening 
  • The Miracle Question
  • Basic-ID 
  • Learned Optimism 
  • Crasilneck Bombardment Technique
  • Regression 
  • Composite Stress Model 
  • Stress Hardiness 
  • Circle of Excellence 
  • Dysfunctional Cycle 
  • Cycle of Change 
  • Understanding your Timeline 

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